Nyse Euronext joins Correlix RaceTeam latency measurement service

Source: Correlix

Correlix, the operator of the industry leading RaceTeam service for monitoring, measuring and analyzing order and market data flows in real-time, today announced that Nyse Euronext, a leading global operator of multi-asset financial markets, is joining the Correlix RaceTeam latency measurement service.

The service offered through Correlix will be rolled out starting early this year in NYSE Euronext's new Liquidity Center in Mahwah, New Jersey to provide additional latency performance insight into all US-based markets, including NYSE Classic, NYSE Arca Equities, NYSE Arca Options and NYSE Amex Options. The service will enable NYSE Euronext and its customers to monitor and manage their low latency trading infrastructures for order execution and market data. Furthermore, it will provide NYSE Euronext customers with greater latency transparency, including a breakdown of customer gateway and matching engine times, to help them optimize their trading strategies and better manage their ability to react to market opportunities.

"We are very pleased to join Correlix's RaceTeam latency measurement service. This facility will offer critical latency transparency to our customers. As business transactions move through NYX trading applications within our datacenter, application latency information can be shared with the firms that initiate it," said Paul Adcock, EVP, NYSE Euronext.

"We are delighted to welcome the NYSE Euronext exchange group into our RaceTeam service," said Shawn Melamed, Founder, President and CTO at Correlix. "RaceTeam will provide NYSE Euronext customers with exceptional transparency into the latency performance of NYSE Euronext exchanges, which will enable them to trade more effectively and react quickly to changing latency conditions."

RaceTeam is an objective venue-neutral service that enables trading firms to manage and receive real-time Latency Intelligence information from various trading venues. The RaceTeam service facilitates greater trading latency insight into each transaction and leads to optimized trading strategies, improved trade execution and streamlined inter-party latency problem resolution.

NYSE Euronext latency data is expected to be available on RaceTeam early this year. For RaceTeam subscription information, please contact your NYSE Euronext or Correlix representative.

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