Ingenico and Merchant Link team on point-to-point encryption

Source: Ingenico

Ingenico, the leading worldwide provider of payment devices and services, and Merchant Link, a leading provider of payment gateway and data security solutions, today announced a joint solution to offer Merchant Link's TransactionVault tokenization technology with Ingenico On-Guard point-to-point encryption (P2PE) to merchants in the U.S.

Ingenico On-Guard with TransactionVault is a comprehensive data security solution is primarily geared toward integrated multi-lane merchants.

Designed on the industry accepted standards of 3DES DUKPT non-intrusive point-to-point encryption and secure tokenization technology, the Ingenico On-Guard with TransactionVault solution helps merchants reduce their business risks and liabilities associated with potential data breaches by eliminating the transmission and storage of plain-text cardholder data from the merchant's environment, rendering card data unreadable and unusable to cyber criminals. This comprehensive payment processing and hosted tokenization solution will help merchants reduce their PCI DSS compliance footprint.

With data security breaches on the rise, merchants require payment solutions that help them spend less time worrying about their data and spend more time concentrating on their business, " says Chris Justice, President of Ingenico North America. "The constant pressure of potential threats to their business and brand is forcing merchants to maintain a strong stance on security and the protection of cardholder data. Our partnership with Merchant Link brings together two industry leaders with well established track records and tested solutions that deliver peace of mind. With over four decades of combined experience, our expertise comes from real-world deployments including large-scale, high volume accounts. "

The Ingenico On-Guard with TransactionVault solution will use the following systems and technologies:

* Ingenico's multi-lane POS devices.
* Ingenico's On-Guard point-to-point encryption at card swipe or manual entry at POS.
* Merchant Link hosting the Ingenico Decryption Appliances (DA) in their secure, PCI-validated redundant data centers.
* Merchant Link's TransactionVault TM tokenization technology, decryption, and payment gateway connecting the POS to the merchant's processor of choice.

Merchant Link's TransactionVault TM tokenization technology uses format-preserving tokens so they easily fit into existing reporting, receipts, and databases. It has been recognized by Javelin Strategy & Research for its innovative ability to move customer credit card data to a safe, secure, fully monitored and managed location away from the merchant's POS terminals. Implemented at more than 15,000 merchant locations and major POS / PMS providers, TransactionVault is implemented in more locations than any other tokenization product on the market and is being used by leading merchants, restaurants, and hotels.

Experts agree the most effective way to protect data and prevent attacks is to employ a layered security solution. Our combined point-to-point encryption and tokenization solution will protect cardholder data throughout the entire transaction life cycle," says Tim Kinsella, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing. "Further, The PCI Council has given special attention to these two emerging technologies as an effective way to both increase security and significantly reduce PCI scope."

Ingenico On-Guard with TransactionVault will provide the highest level of security and reliability available today for encrypting data in-flight and data at rest:

* Encryption of swiped, manually keyed, contactless and smartcard data
* Device management for key rotation and software upgrades
* PAN tokenization to reduce PCI DSS compliance footprint while maintaining critical business functionality
* Cloud-based decryption and tokenization to reduce the risk of compromised data
* Connectivity to all major processors with flexible options to connect to multiple processors simultaneously (Amex, private label, gift cards, etc.)
* Flexible and expandable technology to address current and future business requirements

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