VoiceCash advances in Germany through Lekkerland partnership

Source: VoiceCash

VoiceCash is a pioneer in International Money Transfer. Together with blau Mobilfunk, VoiceCash introduced the first prepaid card for electronic payment transactions in Germany - the blauworld PREPAID MasterCard - which also can be used to assign money worldwide. In a cooperation with Lekkerland Deutschland the blauworld PREPAID MasterCard will be available at more than 6,000 points of sale, kiosks and fuel stations nationwide.

This will enable customers not only to buy blau and blauworld mobile top up vouchers but also to purchase the blauword PREPAID MasterCard and very conveniently replenish the balance on their prepaid cards on-site. In addition all VoiceCash loading vouchers will be available at kiosks and petrol stations supplied by Lekkerland, too. Customers benefit from a comprehensive nationwide network. As a further step an additional 12,000 petrol stations and kiosks will join the program for additional products.

"says Beij describing the potential of the cooperation: „The strategic partnership with Lekkerland is perfectly in line with our roadmap. I can promise you, that soon we will surprise the market with further financial services"

Biggest network for electronic transactions and International Money Transfer
The cooperation between Lekkerland, blau Mobilfunk and VoiceCash creates the largest partner network for remittances in Germany. The blauworld PREPAID MasterCard starter package consists of two Prepaid MasterCard cards. The cards can also be ordered online at http://blauworld.voicecash.de and can be topped-up easy with VoiceCash loading vouchers or by bank transfer. This enables customers to share money within seconds with the secondary card holder abroad.

As long as you have enough funds available the blauworld PREPAID MasterCard can also be used for cashless payments at over 30 million MasterCard acceptance locations and on the internet. Cash withdrawals are possible at round about 2 million cash machines (ATM) all over the world.

VoiceCash management welcomes alliance
Pascal Beij, Vice President Sales & Marketing at VoiceCash welcomes the alliance: „The alliance with Lekkerland is of supreme strategic importance. Now we can provide our services all over Germany. Our customers can conveniently find a service station nearly everywhere to load their cards or assign money worldwide. And this on-site in their familiar neighbourhood and with service hours whwwhich make us even more attractive." Carsten Weber, Head of Corporate Category Management electronic value at Lekkerland, points out: „We are pleased with the effective cooperation with VoiceCash and blau mobilfunk. The VoiceCash product innovation is an attractive expansion of our portfolio. Prepaid payments and international mobile money transfer are becoming an increasingly important growth market."

VoiceCash services become permanent part of the Lekkerland portfolio
Modern working environment requires flexibility and mobility. On-the-go and convenience consumption is highly valued by busy working people. Kiosks and petrol stations have become important for local supply. Lekkerland has recognized early on that petrol stations are excellent locations to sell a variety of items in addition to petrol and it has been very successful in supplying service station shops and a large number of kiosks with a full range of convenience products.

Lekkerland also focuses on the potential of prepaid cards and offers merchants a special service called e-va, providing access to Electronic Value and an extensive range of prepaid products: Among them prepaid cards for mobile phones as well as payment vouchers for the internet. Henceforth the VoiceCash products will be permanent part of the Lekkerland product range.

Further expansion in sight
The new arrangement fits perfectly with the company philosophy that customers require VoiceCash to be available whenever and wherever they need it. VoiceCash products offer customers the ultimate convenience of securely assigning money using their mobile phones.

"With Lekkerland we will go for further international expansion. The banking licence of the VoiceCash Bank enables us to provide financial services in all European countries. We already run a card program in Austria and we are ready to seize other European neighbouring countries," says Beij describing the potential of the cooperation: „The strategic partnership with Lekkerland is perfectly in line with our roadmap. I can promise you, that soon we will surprise the market with further financial services".

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