BankServ mobile cheque capture app comes to BlackBerry

Source: BankServ

BankServ announced today that its Mobile Check Capture app for smartphones now supports the BlackBerry mobile operating system. BankServ's Mobile Check Capture app, originally introduced in October for the iPhone OS, lets a smartphone user snap a picture of a check using the phone's camera and electronically submit the check for deposit into the user's bank account.

The move is expected to more than double the potential audience for BankServ's Mobile Check Capture platform based on mobile OS market share, company officials said.

"After the iPhone version of Mobile Check Capture got such a warm reception, expanding to other mobile OS platforms was a natural next step. There are several other mobile operating systems with established user bases in the millions," said BankServ vice president Danne Buchanan, who heads the company's Payment Solutions division. "BlackBerry's focus on the business client base makes it a particularly attractive fit for our check capture app -- and we anticipate that the demand for mobile banking technology is something that is going to exist across all mobile operating systems."

BankServ's Mobile Check Capture application incorporates Mitek Systems' (OTC.BB:MITK - News) ( patented, market-leading mobile Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) technology which ensures a superior user experience, delivers high security and accuracy, and provides real-time guidance to the user. Mitek's Mobile Check Deposit enables direct deposits to BankServ's central processing platform, a fully outsourced system employed by banks and others in the payments business to operate their own custom-branded Remote Deposit Capture products. BankServ offers its Mobile Check Capture application as either a standalone app or a plug-in that integrates with an existing mobile banking system.

"In partnership with BankServ, Mitek's Mobile Check Deposit has been broadly adopted by banks and payments companies like PayPal, and has become the industry's Gold Standard for mobile RDC," said James DeBello, president and CEO of Mitek Systems. "We're thrilled that BankServ, a leading developer of cutting-edge electronic payments technology, supporting more than 500 banks in 52 countries around the globe, has greatly expanded the reach of our solution."

Current versions of BankServ's Mobile Check Capture application support the iPhone and BlackBerry operating systems. Support for Android and other mobile devices is planned in the coming months.

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