Atos Worldline terminal gets Dutch accreditation

Source: Atos Worldline

Atos Worldline, which brings together Atos Origin's expertise in hi-tech transactional services, has received a Dutch accreditation for its Yomani terminal in line with the CAS (Common Approval Scheme) requirements.

The certificate was granted by Currence, based on a security evaluation performed by Brightsight, one of the world's top five payment terminal security evaluation laboratories. As such, YOMANI is the first terminal ever to comply with CAS requirements.

The new European Security Requirements Program named "Common Approval Scheme" (CAS) formulates common security requirements for POS devices that are used within the European Union for doing SEPA-compliant payment transactions.

The CAS approach takes into account the security requirements implemented by both international and domestic schemes. The common requirements described by CAS harmonise the existing requirements and take them one step further, in the broader context of the "Point of Interaction".

For the Dutch market, the YOMANI terminal was recently certified by Currence, based on a security evaluation by Brightsight. In its evaluation, Brightsight followed the stringent CAS requirements.

"This certification reaffirms our pioneering role in the field of SEPA-ready solutions," says Dirk De Cock, CEO of Atos Worldline in Belgium. "Atos Worldline stands renowned for complying with the most stringent international security requirements with its range of payment terminals."

The obtained results in this pilot evaluation became possible through the cooperation between Atos Worldline, Brightsight and Currence and will encourage more parties to conduct evaluations according to the CAS standard.

"CAS is derived from the high class Dutch PCI+ security requirements and allows terminal manufacturers to easily combine a CAS security evaluation with obtaining a PCI+ certificate," says Rob van Marrewijk, Terminal Security Program Manager of Brightsight.

Piet Mallekoote, CEO of Currence, says: "This elaborates on our broad knowledge and expertise in the certification of POS terminals. This result encourages us to facilitate certifications for POS Terminals in line with the European CAS requirements from year 2011 onwards".

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