Bank of Cyprus UK taps Trusteer for online security

Source: Trusteer

Bank of Cyprus UK announces it is working with Trusteer to launch an additional security service to its customers as of today Wednesday 8th December 2010.

Available as a free download, Trusteer's Rapport secure browsing service can be installed on a customer's personal PC to lock down the browser and create a safe tunnel for communication between the customer and Bank of Cyprus UK, preventing fraud.

Bank of Cyprus UK supplies its customers with a Digipass® as part of its three pronged approach to security. Rapport is being introduced to complement this technology and provide extra confidence to those using its online banking facilities. Should a fraudster attempt to take over a user's account Rapport issues an alert of the unusual behaviour immediately, allowing the Bank of Cyprus UK to take action and prevent loss.

Soteris Antoniades, Assistant Chief Executive - Service for Bank of Cyprus UK said, "We short-listed and evaluated two products and Trusteer won hands down. The other solution was complicated, requiring the customer to perform various additional actions, potentially alienating customers and defeating the object. Instead they simply install Rapport, it runs discreetly in the background without any further customer interaction, customers continue with their usual online behaviour, only now it's secure. What's really special about the technology is, while it appears simple to the customer, it's a very sophisticated technology providing detailed intelligence that we can use in our continuing efforts to thwart attacks."

"By selecting Trusteer, Bank of Cyprus UK is sending a message to its customers that it takes security very seriously, and is doing everything possible to keep them safe and secure¨ said Mickey Boodaei CEO of Trusteer. "We continue to work with Bank of Cyprus UK, as we do with all our clients, to provide a holistic approach to online fraud by preventing incidents at the point of attack while investigating their source to mitigate future attempts. Individuals are increasingly aware of the dangers online, however the fraudsters are deploying ever more sophisticatted attacks to trick Joe Public. Luckily by working with enlightened organisations like Bank of Cyprus UK, we can help identify these scams and avoid people falling foul."

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