OnGuard and AcceptEmail form partnership

Source: OnGuard

OnGuard Netherlands BV and AcceptEmail BV have signed a strategic partnership agreement.

Part of the cooperation is a generic link between OnGuards' credit management software and AcceptEmails' e-Billing & e-Dunning solution. This allows companies from 2011 on to facilitate more efficient and user-friendly payments and reminders for their customers.

Innovations in credit management
Digital payment methods such as iDEAL are already widely used in Credit Management. Oddly enough, many organizations still send by ordinary post. AcceptEmail is a new way of paying bills and reminders via email. It combines the power and reach of email as a channel with the speed and convenience of Internet payments. By linking with OnGuard credit management software, companies can create and send AcceptEmails in any stage of their invoice-to-cash process directly out of the OnGuard application.

Edwin Merk, Commercial Director of OnGuard: OnGuard is very involved in the further development of the credit management market. In our role as market leader, we encourage further innovation in credit management and we gladly work with parties with innovative solutions. AcceptEmail is such a party. Through our collaboration, our customers' collection policy becomes more efficient and customer friendly which will contribute positively to the outstanding receivables balance.

Peter Kwakernaak, CEO AcceptEmail: "We are honored and excited about the integration and cooperation with OnGuard, a longstanding name in credit management. The current economic climate requests from companies to optimize their collection process with a balanced use of channels, but at the same time to retain their customers. Email definitely has a role in this. Integration with OnGuard also strengthens our position as a market standard for billing, reminding and paying via email.

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