Crédit Municipal Dijon adopts SAB AT Banking package

Source: SAB

From its call for tender, Crédit Municipal Dijon chooses the SAB AT banking management software package as its IT system.

The Caisse de Crédit Municipal de Dijon (Crédit Municipal Dijon) is a public district council establishment for social credit and support services. As a Credit Establishment, it must satisfy internal controls in accordance with the banking regulations; it must also satisfy rules imposed by the public works contract regulations and rules relative to the public accounting.

The activities of Crédit Municipal Dijon cover deposit accounts, consumer loans, banking and monetary savings, partnership insurance products, and loans against collateral.

Crédit Municipal Dijon comprises of ten branches throughout Bourgogne, Franche-Comté and the Centre region (44 departments in total). Crédit Municipal Dijon employs around a hundred of employees, of which half are client relationship managers.

The SAB AT banking software package solution has, in particular, the capacity to cover the entire spectrum of Crédit Municipal Dijon requirements. It is perfectly adapted to its business lines and has been designed to be upgradeable and in conformity with regulations governing the double status of Public Administrative Establishment and Credit Establishment which the Crédit Municipal Dijon enjoys.

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