Ingenico unveils portable payment terminals

Source: Ingenico

Ingenico, (Euronext: FR0000125346 - ING), world leader in payment solutions, presents its new range of portable payment terminals at the Cartes 2010 trade event: the iWL200 series.

Built with the Telium2 technology, the iWL200 range constitutes the broadest and most comprehensive product offer on the market.

The iWL series proposes three models, distinguished by their user interface: monochrome for the iWL220, color for the iWL250 and touch color for the iWL280. A wide range of options are available to match a diversity of applications, and it constitutes a full response to the multiple demands of mobility, optimum communication costs and retailers' operation. It combines reliability and the secure capacities of a platform with a wide choice of connectivity and efficient power management.

Based on the Telium2 development environment, it delivers new services to the point of sale. With the use of the platform's most advanced audio, video or touch screen functionality, the point of sale becomes a point of services and choice, creating new opportunities for generating revenue.

A product designed for mobility

Compact and light

iWL200 is the most compact range of portable terminals on the market. It offers a choice of two solutions adapted to every use.

The first makes use of a small roll of paper (25mm in diameter). Weighing under 300g and of unequalled compactness, this option is ideal for retailers processing up to 60 transactions a day. It is also perfectly adapted for mobility conditions, such as home deliveries or the sale of goods and services at open air markets, in sports halls or entertainment or cultural venues.

The second makes use of a larger roll of paper (40mm in diameter) for businesses processing a greater number of transactions, such as restaurants or store sales.

The best of payment

Compliant with the most demanding security standards, such as PCI PTS v2 for contact transactions or PayPass and payWave for contactless, the iWL200 range ensures the integrity of operations in every circumstance. Equipped with several card readers (swipe, chip and contactless) and a signature capture function (iWL280), the iWL range also has the advantage of the numerous applications and services available on the Telium2 platform, facilitating card payments in all types of situations.

Incomparable ergonomics

The iWL200 range comprises three models, offering each customer the real possibility of choosing the solution the best suited to their needs. Exceptionally easy and user friendly, from the monochrome screen to the color screen that can be read even in full daylight (iWL250), from a conventional interface to a touch screen (iWL280).

Uncompromising performance

Exceptional battery life

The iWL200 range was designed to become the portable payment platform par excellence. Incorporating the most advanced technology and efficient power management, it has a capacity of more than a full day under the most intensive use conditions.

The promise of enhanced efficiency

The wide range of connectivity options, including GPRS or Bluetooth in the terminal and even a combination of the two on iWL280, and PSTN and Ethernet connections for the base, the iWL200 range guarantees 24/7 communication network access at optimum cost.
Based on Telium2 technology, iWL200 also incorporates an ultra-fast printer (up to 30 lines per second), enabling an increase in productivity at the point of sale.

An ecosystem for the development of services

An ad hoc platform

In addition to the color display and touch interface, audio and video multimedia functionality has been developed. On the strength of these capacities and the Telium2 development environment, the iWL range becomes a preferential platform for building a full portfolio of applications and services for business sectors such as catering, transport, gambling and home deliveries.

Convergence with Ingenico's transaction solutions and services range

* Incendo online - for easy implementation of new value added services on payment terminals, complementary to payment.
* Installed base management - complete remote management of terminal software and hardware within any geographic scope.
* Connectivity management - ensures the requisite flexibility to route transaction data across any telecommunications network, from any payment terminal anywhere in the world.
* e-Portal - for total visibility and control of the installed base of payment terminals through a customisable web portal and produce all types of detailed status reports.

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