Fixnetix offers co-location to SIX Swiss Exchange

Source: Fixnetix

Fixnetix, ultra-low latency provider for trading and data, announced today it is now providing @Source proximity services for trading firms wishing to access the SIX Swiss Exchange. Fixnetix @Source offering based at the Equinix ZH4 datacentre represents the closest available access point to the SIX Swiss matching engine.

Fixnetix is hosting its first customer in Zurich in order to access the SIX Swiss Exchange. "Systematic trading is dependent upon innovative technologies where lowest latencies are critical, "mentions Kai Chen, CEO and President of Asperatus Capital. " Fixnetix has a proven track record in providing low latency services to our Hedge Fund's trading models.

Fixnetix provides fully managed co-location services for both data and trading access to 59 markets globally which can be accessed over Fixnetix ultra low latency point to point meshed exchange network. Fixnetix engineer the shortest possible fibre circuits to ensure each Exchange which can be accessed at the lowest latency from each other Exchange colo. This expansion of Fixnetix fibre network links traders wishing to access SIX Swiss Exchange at the lowest possible latency with other markets for either cross border or cross asset class arbitrage.

"Offering the fastest access to the SIX Swiss Exchange is crucial for our latency sensitive customer base wishing to trade Swiss securities," says Hugh Hughes, Chief Executive of Fixnetix. "We will continue to expand our exchange network for multiple asset classes globally based on the demands of algorithmic traders and the rapidly evolving financial trading requirements."

SIX Swiss Exchange was the first stock exchange in the world to adopt a fully automated trading structure and offers a complete range of securities (bonds, ETFs, and derivatives).

Chris Landis, Managing Director and Head of Operations at SIX Swiss Exchange, commenteddhe art us at other key locationsmmunity offered from there by Algo Technologies: "Fixnetix provides ultra low latency market data and connectivity options for our customers. By moving into our new proximity site Fixnetix will now be able to even better serve our customers and deliver superb latency for data dissemination and for transaction routing. We are very excited about the response, our new proximity offerings have triggered in the financial services community."

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