BME sets up London hubs for Spanish stock exchange access

Source: BME

BME, through its IT subsidiary Visual Trader Systems, has set up two new hubs in London to access the Spanish stock exchange. Equipped with the necessary communication infrastructure, the hubs will allow investors to connect to the Spanish equities and derivatives platforms, SIBE and MEFF, respectively.

The two sites, linked to Madrid through high-speed, high-capacity lines, will make it easier for firms in London to access the Spanish stock market in a secure, fast and reliable manner. The technology used for the connection offers the fastest data transmission speed and the lowest latency.

Interxion and Telehouse, two London-based firms specialised in this kind of services, have been chosen to provide the Data Centres for the installation of the hubs. Most London financial firms are present in both centres, which will simplify access by new firms to BME. Current Visual Trader customers, as well as new firms interested in gaining access to the Spanish stock market, can connect to the new infrastructure.

Data Centres are points of access of major international order routing networks and connection nodes to other European and American markets, which will help Spanish member firms to receive orders from other locations around the world. They will also make it easier to channel orders abroad from Spain.

Jose Parga, Managing Director, Visual Trader Systems, BME group, said: "This new connection service brings the Spanish stock market closer to investors based in London, supporting trading on our equities and derivatives platforms on a high-speed transmission infrastructure, reducing communication costs while at the same time maintaining the current levels of reliability and security of communications on the Spanish stock exchange".


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