Northern Trust provides real-time access to OTC collateral calls

Source: Northern Trust

Northern Trust announced today that it has enhanced its collateral management system to provide real-time access and transparent reporting of the daily over-the-counter (OTC) derivative collateral call process.

This enhancement allows clients to log into a dashboard to view the current status of exposures, collateral balances and OTC derivative positions, including valuations.

"We understand the concerns our clients have as it relates to counterparty risk and are offering transparency into our systems to provide instant access to critical information," said Judson Baker, Product Manager for Derivatives and Collateral Management at Northern Trust. "With our dashboard, it's as if a client is looking over the shoulder of the collateral manager as we calculate exposures, communicate with the counterparty, and agree to collateral movements."

The enhancements are available on a global basis to asset owners, such as pensions, endowments, corporate and institutional investors, and to asset managers, including Investment Operations Outsourcing clients. In addition to the dashboard, enhancements will allow clients to run reports on a range of OTC and collateral management issues:

* Open OTC derivative positions and valuations
* Collateral balances
* Credit Support Agreement details
* Executive Summary of all counterparty credit risks

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