Interactive Data 7ticks launches latency portal

Source: Interactive Data

Interactive Data Corporation, a leading provider of financial market data, analytics and related solutions, today announced the launch of the Interactive Data 7ticks latency portal.

The latency portal serves as a one-stop centralized resource designed for electronic traders to measure order latency, monitor network performance, and determine the overall health of their trading infrastructure. They can also obtain access to a wide range of business intelligence features as well as valuable customer service functions.

Through the latency portal, clients can access services available from a variety of technology providers. These services include infrastructure operations and monitoring, network performance, transactional latency performance, business intelligence, and customer service. By using these services, electronic traders can obtain valuable data related to multi-tier infrastructure performance, latency analysis and metrics, and multi-tier order latency analysis. In addition, these services can help clients determine basic system health, including server uptime, memory, disk and CPU usage, and receive proactive alerts across their networks and systems.

With the launch of the latency portal, Interactive Data has layered additional capabilities beyond standard latency monitoring. These include business intelligence and a variety of customer service options. Business intelligence functions range from deep analysis and dashboard to custom data and analysis, as well as cross tool data correlation and proactive analytics. The customer service capabilities include product update and enhancement notification, trouble ticket visibility, market and financial news, and inventory management.

"Interactive Data is committed to providing a wide range of services to help facilitate more efficient trading among the ultra-low latency electronic trading community," said Joe Bigane, managing director for Interactive Data 7ticks. "Our new latency portal goes a step beyond latency monitoring, bringing together several back-end tools, along with business intelligence and customer service capabilities, to help provide a new level of visi visibility into our clients' trading infrastructure."

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