Aconite launches Smart EMV Manager

Source: Aconite

Aconite has been successfully supplying EMV* processing components to card issuers around the world for many years.

With EMV well advanced in many countries, customers who have yet to migrate and who may be struggling with the business case are now demanding an even more streamlined method of converting to EMV, one that reduces change and disruption in existing systems to an absolute minimum. Aconite's response to this demand has been to develop the Aconite Smart EMV Manager, an integrated package that delivers a sophisticated, fully-featured EMV solution in a single product. With straightforward pricing, simple interfaces and a plug-in deployment model, Aconite Smart EMV Manager offers all the benefits of Aconite's world-leading EMV components in a single, easy to implement package.

With Aconite Smart EMV Manager a card issuer can make a single change to its existing systems infrastructure and instantly upgrade its capabilities to those of the most sophisticated chip processing systems available, while preserving its years of investment in customisations and enhancements. More and more banks find themselves pressured by scheme mandates to upgrade, but are constrained by the huge changes, or even total systems replacement, that this would require. Aconite Smart EMV Manager provides a highly cost-effective, low risk, fast-track solution to these problems. A single installation of Aconite Smart EMV Manager can support multiple card management systems (debit and credit) on different platforms or, for a bureau processor, multiple issuer customers.

Aconite Smart EMV Manager is the ultimate EMV upgrade solution that the industry has been waiting for, combining the power of EMV transaction processing, EMV scripting and the integration of external Risk Management systems. For those starting their migration it provides a highly configurable solution that can grow as their portfolio grows to offer more sophisticated EMV products and services. For existing EMV card issuers with basic EMV solutions, it provides the upgrade path to advanced EMV processing to support additional EMV-based services (e.g. offline prepaid and balance display cards) or enhanced risk management. In both cases, Aconite Smart EMV Manager provides issuers with a solution that minimises both software and implementation costs whilst reducing the time frame and risk associated with multiple system upgrades.

The Aconite components on which Aconite Smart EMV Manager is based have won prestigious international awards from the European Payments Consulting Association and European Cards Review, and from The Banker Technology Awards for innovation.

Patrick Regester, Aconite's EVP for Sales and Marketing, commented on the launch of Aconite Smart EMV Manager: "For many card issuers EMV migration is a massive issue because of its impact across their entire business. Aconite Smart EMV Manager will alleviate much of the pain associated with migrating. Its advanced scripting and risk management features can help issuers to leverage the benefits of EMV from the start, with a positive bottom line quickly following."

[*EMV - the global standard for chip payments originated by Europay, MasterCard and Visa]

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