Swissrisk unveils ASP service

Source: Swissrisk

Exchange connectivity is an expensive and complex business. By utilising Swissrisk's ASP service, consisting of multi-member exchange infrastructures and standardised messaging, customers can significantly reduce their running costs.

Swissrisk's ASP service offering, not only provides the required connectivity to access exchange APIs, front-ends and clearing & settlement systems, but combines this with the messaging expertise needed to incorporate FIX standard and proprietary formats. This enables Swissrisk to provide trade confirmations across all asset classes together with a whole host of exchange reporting to downstream applications.

The "ASP solution for market access" offers a whole range of advantages
• Access to all key stock exchanges, Clearing houses and Multilateral Trading Facilities including LCH, Xetra Wien, Scoach, Xetra/Xontro Frankfurt
• Infrastructure leverage, reducing cost
• Ability to handle FIX, SWIFT and proprietary messaging
• Includes a standard Trade Confirmation format with the possibility for customisation
• 30 years experience in trading systems and providing services to the banking industry
A famous Southern German Bank opted for Swissrisk's extended ASP services and is actively using these services to support their Settlement and Clearing processes.


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