I-design secures YourCash contract

Source: I-design

I-design, the market leader in advertising on ATMs and self-service machines through its software-based solution atmAd, is pleased to announce that it has secured a new multi-year contract with YourCash Limited ("YourCash"), Europe's largest independent provider of ATM solutions.

The agreement also establishes a presence in the Netherlands for i-design.

The contract initially covers the implementation of atmAd on approximately 500 'free to use' ATMs. The majority of these, around 300, are located in the UK with the remaining number, around 200, situated in the Netherlands, taking i-design into a new territory in Europe. YourCash's total ATM estate comprises approximately 6,000 ATMs in the UK and approximately 600 in the Netherlands, with the majority located in retail sites, including supermarkets and convenience stores.

i-design has also secured the exclusive rights to run third party advertising on these ATMs and following the roll-out of atmAd, will benefit from ongoing revenues generated by third party advertising sales. Once the roll-out is complete, i-design's network of ATMs available for third party advertising will be approximately 9,900 in total.

Commenting on the agreement, Ana Stewart, CEO of i-design, said, "This agreement with YourCash, the largest independent provider of ATM solutions in Europe, represents an exciting opportunity for i-design. The roll-out of atmAd on the YourCash estate offers an attractive proposition both for advertisers seeking to deliver brand messages on a highly targeted basis and for YourCash, by generating additional revenues. We look forward to building media revenues with YourCash, both in the UK and the Netherlands, which is a new territory for us."

Jenny Campbell, CEO of YourCash, said, "We are delighted to be working with i-design on the implementation of its market-leading software solution, atmAd, on our Free to Use cash machine estates in the UK and the Netherland."


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