Trintech receives Visa PED certification for PayWare OpenPay

Source: Trintech

Trintech Group Plc (NASDAQ: TTPA: Prime Standard: TTP), a leading provider of transaction reconciliation and payment infrastructure solutions, today announced at CeBIT 2005, that PayWare OpenPay has successfully passed Visa's PIN Entry Device (PED) Class B certification.

Trintech is the first company in the world to achieve Visa PED Class B certification for devices operating in unattended environments.

Today's announcement is particularly significant for retailers in self service environments, such as fuel retailing, kiosks and vending, currently migrating to Chip and PIN. The current rollout of Chip and PIN in Europe and Asia means there will be more cardholders using their PIN when purchasing goods or services, providing a low-risk opportunity for the retailers to attract new customers by offering unattended payment.

Trintech, already a leading provider of secure Chip and PIN technology to merchants, can now provide cost-effective, globally interoperable solutions that significantly reduce the risk of fraud at unmanned locations. PayWare OpenPay has Visa PED Class B certification for online and offline PIN transactions allowing it to be used in both magnetic stripe and chip based card schemes. This enables retailers with an international presence to deploy PayWare OpenPay globally without undertaking additional Visa PED certification.

"Becoming the first company to achieve Visa PED Class B certification for unattended terminals is a significant milestone for Trintech as it builds on its EMV and indoor PED compliance, and confirms its commitment to lead the migration to Chip and PIN globally," said Eamon Keating, General Manager of Trintech's Payments Division. "PayWare OpenPay is a key component of Trintech's suite of fully certified Chip and PIN solutions and is helping to extend card payments in new and exciting areas, such as multimedia kiosks, vending machines, and fuel dispensers."

Class B approval allows the terminal estate owner to securely download new applications and screen prompts to their payment terminals without compromising Visa PED security and without the need for the vendor to manually intervene.

PayWare OpenPay is the first unattended terminal with Class B certification and delivers significant benefits to the self-service market, including:
  • Oil companies with international retail outlets can localize PayWare OpenPay for different languages and character sets
  • Retailers can remotely update advertising messages on the PayWare OpenPay terminal, promoting special offers and leveraging cross-selling opportunities
  • Vending machines using PayWare OpenPay can be loaded with product and pricing information that can be changed rapidly by the merchant.

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