SIA-SSB wins tender for Brazilian capital markets surveillance system

Source: SIA-SSB

SIA-SSB won the international call for tenders by the Commissão de Valores Mobiliáros (CVM), the Brazilian financial market supervision authority, for the design and creation of the new technological surveillance system for capital markets in the country.

With this new project, SIA-SSB comes to South America for the first time with a state-of-the-art platform capable of supporting the development of the financial services sector of the Brazilian market, a market which in the first six months of 2010 recorded one of the highest growth rates at global level with a 26% increase in capitalization of over the same period in the previous year.

The new infrastructure will enable the Commissão de Valores Mobiliáros to monitor all trading operations carried out on BM&FBovespa, the leading institute for stock trading on Brazilian capital markets as well as one of the top ten financial markets in the world, and on CETIP, the Brasilian OTC market.

According to figures from the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE), the association of the world's leading stock markets, over the course of the first half of 2010 BM&FBovespa recordeda monthly average of around 10 million deals, ranging from shares to bonds and derivatives, performed by more than 350 brokers.

The technological system created by SIA-SSBwill collect and record all the information relating to deals carried out on the Brazilian financial market - stocks, treasury bonds and derivatives traded both on the markets and OTC - in order to monitor the regularity of the deals, to protect the final investors, and guarantee the reputation of the Brazilian stock market also internationally.

Thanks to the use of flexible analysis, enquiry and reporting tools, the system will enable the CVM to detect and identify suspect situations and market manipulation and abuse effectively, so that it can intervene rapidly, thereby guaranteeing the correct and transparent functioning of the financial market.

"Our success in this important tender and the realization of the project will enable SIA-SSB to arrive for the first time in South America and more specifically in a country like Brazil with an economy in continual expansion" - commented Massimo Arrighetti, CEO of SIA-SSB. "This new initiative takes on special strategic significance for our company which by continuing to invest in technological innovation for surveillance systems intends to establish itself increasingly as a leading partner at international level for central institutes in the financial services market".

In the implementation of the project, which will be concluded in the first half of 2011, SIA-SSB will count on the technical collaboration of TATA Consultancy Services do Brasil in order to ensure perfect integration with local markets.

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