Dovetail ships liquidity dashboard

Source: Dovetail

Dovetail, the provider of next generation Payment Services Hubs, today announces that it has developed the Dovetail Liquidity Dashboard, enabling business users greater capabilities to view, interrogate and analyse real-time liquidity data.

End users now have the capability to interrogate and analyse vast quantities of intraday and short term cash flow data without bothering their IT department or software vendor.

While Real Time Liquidity Management is offered by numerous vendors, business users and downstream applications are often limited by the flexibility and availability of data. "Queries and calculations tend to be hard coded to cope with the vast quantity of data and this often limits the business user or downstream application to a small set of views" says Tom Miller,
Senior Consultant at Dovetail. "To be truly useful they need the ability to manipulate real-time data to answer dynamic questions. The Dovetail Liquidity Dashboard handles vast quantities of data in real time providing drill down from user defined aggregate positions to transaction level details through a powerful, easy to use user interface as well as through real-time APIs."

The need for real-time liquidity data is increasing and data consumers are increasing in their sophistication. To date, in house developed and vendor solutions have adequately handled the integration, matching and normalisation functions. But all suffer from limitations in analysing these vast quantities of data flexibly and in real time. Regulatory and business challenges require smarter and more efficient use of real-time data without the need for IT departments or vendors to recode and optimise queries.

The Dovetail Liquidity Dashboard is available as a standalone application or as a module in Dovetail's Payment Services Hub solutions. Pre-integrated with the Dovetail Liquidity Scheduler, it offers unparalleled flexibility in monitoring and managing the flow of payments.

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