Pegasystems launches cross-channel customer query system

Source: Pegasystems

Pegasystems Inc. (NASDAQ:PEGA), the leader in business process management (BPM) and a leading provider of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, today unveiled a new solution that helps financial service institutions address a growing and critical need to dramatically improve the process for capturing and resolving customer inquiries across channels.

The Service Request Managerâ„¢ solution features market-leading case management capabilities, automates work activities and guides front-office staff for optimal customer service.

The solution streamlines multi-channel customer inquiries and requests by:

* Consolidating and simplifying information capture through a centralized inquiry and request process that can easily be specialized by channel;
* Ensuring consistent and accurate customer service with intelligent and guided processes; and
* Providing transparency and insight into each request and its status through real-time information and tracking.

Today, approximately four out of every ten customer inquiries and requests to financial services firms require front-office employees to pass along work to the back-office in order to resolve. In many cases, both departments waste valuable time doing manual, and sometimes duplicate, work across siloed systems to process a single request. This leads to errors and lag time, increases operational risks and costs, and lowers customer satisfaction.

The Service Request Manager solution leverages dynamic, intelligent decision management to coach both front office staff and customers (via self-service channels) through the process of properly initiating a service request or inquiry. This control helps improve the level of service delivered right at the point of contact. This solution changes how inquiries are handled by improving quality and providing complete visibility into activities, status, and customer commitments for each specific inquiry. Financial services firms benefit from a more effective way to both increase customer satisfaction and control costs in customer service.

The solution's market-leading case management capabilities also free up employees from manual, inefficient tasks by automating work activities and driving support staff to intelligently route and rapidly fulfill client requests. These advanced capabilities support all the componell ponell the components of a customer's request by actively monitoring and managing the various roles and processes.

Highlights / Key Facts:

Pegasystems Service Request Manager provides organizations with:

* 360-degree views of the request, providing powerful insight into the state of requests across dispersed servicing centers made available to management, front-office service reps and direct to customers.
* Context-driven intake, which allow requests to be submitted through any channel and ensures that it is correctly captured and classified for proper processing.
* Smart routing, that enables work to get delivered to the correct servicing organization at the outset, so it is addressed and resolved as quickly as possible.
* Service request design capabilities, that leverage Pegasystems' award-winning business process management capabilities to give business stakeholders unique control to manage business change.

Quotes & Commentary:

Nicole Sturgill, Research Director, Delivery Channels, TowerGroup:
"Banks that fail to streamline processes all the way from the customer-facing delivery channels to back-office, IT and operations are hurting themselves and their customers by leaving holes for human error that will be visible to the customer and by driving up their own costs."

Tony Young, Principal, Financial Industry Solutions at Pegasystems:
"Financial services institutions need a wholly new approach and advanced technology in order to drive significant improvements in customer service. They also need to achieve new levels of operational improvements. This new solution enables them to do both. They can improve the ability of front-line staff to properly address more inquiries during first interactions and puts customers at ease. This in turn builds a level of confidence in both the front-line agents and customers alike. Effectively managing and resolving requests across all channels is now a growing concern for the industry. Pegasystems' approach is to make customer service consistent across all channels, intelligent and, most importantly, personalized."

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