Information Mosaic launches Asset Surveillance

Source: Information Mosaic

Information Mosaic, the global provider of advanced post-trade automation solutions, has today launched its new Asset Surveillance solution.

Designed to help financial institutions provide top down transparency across their entire custody and depository network in a clear, risk-oriented way, Asset Surveillance is a powerful decision tool that provides a consolidated view of network and depository counterparty risk through a single user interface.

Information Mosaic has worked closely with a number of its clients to create a solution that provides risk diagnostics and assessment using unique risk visualisation and presentation tools. Risk is automatically assessed and flagged against custom-set parameters providing an up-to-the-minute snapshot of exposure, while the risk simulation feature allows for 'what if' analysis, ensuring a clear understanding of the risk associated with every decision. This level of transparency provides custodians and their institutional asset manager, fund and HNW clients with a complete view of risk from portfolio to individual trade, helping restore trust in the market.

"In a market where the on-going debate is who carries and who should carry responsibility for custody and sub-custody risk, there is a clear need for systems that provide meaningful risk assessment of each trade pre-settlement and under custody. Custodians now have the chance to create new services for monitoring network counterparty risk, helping them cement their roles as trusted guardians in the process," commented Rik Turner, Senior Analyst, Ovum. "It's this top down transparency that allows investment managers to make the necessary decisions to mitigate risk."

The new solution is easily integrated with existing systems and is completely customisable to any organisation's risk metrics. The flexible risk parameterisation provides a clear snapshot of risk via an intuitive user interface which can be accessed from any browser-based device, creating a fluid user experience. Users can receive proactive alerts via SMS and email, enabling quick and easy decision-making to mitigate risks as they arise, regardless of where they are.

"When Lehmans collapsed, it took many financial institutions not days, not weeks but months to unravel their exposure to the failed bank. Our Asset Surveillance solution gives the real-time view of network counterparty risk that ensures this sort of confusion could never happen again. Custodians have a unique opportunity to be the white knights of risk in this scenario, providing a definitive picture of where they and their investors stand on assets under custody," said John Byrne, CEO at Information Mosaic. "Our clients are looking for new and innovative ways to help provide increased portfolio visibility to network managers, risk officers and clients such as asset managers. It is this deeper level of transparency that will enable the markets to trade confidently once again."

Other key features of Information Mosaic's Asset Surveillance solution include extensive search and sort functionality on portfolio views, enabling a client, portfolio or individual trade and position level perspective. Data can also be rapidly assimilated from across the enterprise, improving transparency and delivering a quick time to market for new services.

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