StatPro gets Revolution boost

Source: StatPro

StatPro Group, a leading provider of portfolio analytics and asset pricing services for the global investment management industry, is pleased to announce that StatPro Revolution's pilot phase has been given a major boost by the news that a global custodian bank has just contracted to integrate its client data with Revolution, following a successful feasibility study.

Revolution is an online portfolio analysis service offering performance, attribution, risk and reporting for portfolio managers all around the world, but at a fraction of the price of traditional software only solutions.

The custodian aims to offer all of its own clients easy access to the most sophisticated portfolio analysis and reporting using Revolution. The technology used means that integration can happen in a matter of months, so the benefits will be available to all of the custodian's clients from the New Year - thus giving them a significant commercial advantage over their competitors.

Today's launch of phase two of the public beta enables trial account users to upload holdings files to the system within seconds. There is also a new dashboard perspective, where users can see a complete picture of their portfolio asset allocation, risk performance and attribution at a glance. Clients can also produce stunning reports of detailed analysis in a variety of formats in seconds, dramatically reducing production times.

"For the first time asset managers or pension funds can gain access to the most sophisticated analysis from as little as $100 per month. Technology that used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or more is now available to all professionals," said Justin Wheatley, CEO of StatPro Group plc. "This will create a level playing field and allow nimble smaller players to show off how they can add value to their clients. For the bigger players, Revolution will enable them to disseminate information efficiently and cost effectively to all their staff - improving communication and transparency."

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