Close Asset Management joins EMX Message System

Source: Euroclear

Close Asset Management (UK) Ltd is the latest fund manager to sign up to receive funds orders through Euroclear's EMX Message System, going live on the 1st September 2010.

Adding their UK fund range to the EMX Message System, Close Asset Management will benefit from a fully automated funds dealing system.

Tony Wood, Head of Fund Sales for the Euroclear Group said: "We are delighted to welcome Close Asset Management, by adding their funds to the EMX Message System they will have access to not only EMX distributors, but also to the cross border clients who use our FundSettle services. This is thanks to the link we have built between the EMX and FundSettle systems which means fund promoters and distributors have the potential to use their existing connectivity to trade with any counterparty irrespective of how they connect to Euroclear's fund services. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a reliable, efficient and consistent service and eliminate the worry for our participants of waiting for contract notes, maintaining a paper audit trail and disputes over meeting valuation points. Our system enables our participants to spend more time focusing on their business needs rather than long manual processes."

With over 390 distributors and 105 providers, the EMX Message System has become a central and preferred infrastructure within the financial industry.


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