Desjardins launches mobile services

Source: Desjardin

Desjardins is launching mobile services that will allow individual and business members to carry out many transactions and access information from their smartphones or PDAs, such as the iPod Touch.

"With new technology always coming out and the growing popularity of mobile devices, consumption of financial products and services is changing radically. With this in mind, Desjardins has designed a simple, secure mobile solution to meet the ever-growing needs of its members and clients," specified Normand Desautels, Senior Vice-President and General Manager, Personal Services, Desjardins Group.

The first Québec-based financial institution to launch these services, which were developed in accordance with industry best practices, Desjardins is taking advantage of the advances and user-friendliness of most mobile devices currently available to offer the best possible services to its members and clients.

Member and client users of Desjardins mobile services will be able to access several new functions, including checking their account balance, making transfers between accounts or between individuals, paying bills and requesting quotes for auto insurance. They will also be able to convert their money into foreign currencies.

These services are offered in addition to those already available through Disnat, the online brokerage division of Desjardins Securities, and Desjardins General Insurance (DGI). Disnat mobile allows users to track market fluctuations and make trades in real time, while DGI allows users to request tenant insurance quotes. It will also be possible to locate the nearest Desjardins ATM, caisse or business centre.

An open-ended concept, this new service will enable Desjardins to meet the needs of our mobile-technology-savvy members.

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