Moneylogic launches online finance management tools

Source: Moneylogic

Financial management is more difficult now than ever before.

Complicating an already complicated task are unemployment rates topping 12% in some states, job losses, layoffs, credit misuse, and a lack of sound financial planning. More and more people are juggling unprecedented debt. Those that aren't are looking for ways to manage their money wisely.

These factors have sent consumers searching for tools that they can use to regain control over their finances. "This is a difficult financial time for millions of people," explains Petya Edwards of Moneylogic, a Dallas-based consumer association that provides online tools for consumers seeking financial and debt solutions.

Moneylogic's ML-7 System incorporates comprehensive tools designed to help consumers reduce expenses, eliminate debt, and plan a tax-free retirement. This innovative system incorporates sound financial advice with education to empower consumers and foster savvy money managers. Calculators and other tools give consumers real information they can use and interpret.

Moneylogic@Work offers employers strategically-designed tools that help their employees achieve financial control. Since debt and finance-related issues cost employers upwards of $15,000.00 per year, per employee, helping employees manage their finances just makes sound fiscal sense. Employers can help by providing their employees with proven ways to meet their money challenges, allowing them to focus more on work and less on issues like debt and retirement.

From Accelerated Debt Elimination Plans (ADEP) to strategies for tax-free retirement, Moneylogic is a one-stop shop for financial independence. According to Edwards, "Once people are exposed to the tools that can help them effectively budget, track expenses, and more, they become much better stewards of their own money."

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