Tibco signs Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

Source: Tibco Software

Tibco Software [NASDAQ: TIBX] today announced Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) has selected Tibco solutions to architect a real-time infrastructure that will enable the company to deliver enhanced banking products and services to its private and corporate account holders, as well as speed the time in which tailored offerings are supplied to its customers.

ADCB has routinely experienced more than 100 percent year-over-year growth and established itself as one of the top tier banks in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). To sustain its position as a leading financial provider, ADCB embarked on a journey to elevate the innovativeness of its products and offer stronger levels of customer service.

ADCB has leveraged its newly centralized system and real-time, service-oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructure to roll out new innovative products and services to the market including:

• SALIK Payments: customers can recharge their Salik accounts (road toll collection in Dubai) through an alternate channel, giving them the flexibility to use the facility either by debiting a credit card or bank account.
• Fly Dubai Service: Fund online ticket payments via any channel, as well as receive payment status updates.
• Du Telecom Payments: Facilitate online recharges and payment options.
• Overseas Funds Transfers (SOFT): For migrants from India residing in the UAE, customers no longer have to use the original paper-based transfer - they can seamlessly do this via online banking to transfer funds in real-time to their banks in India.
• CRM: With this robust customer relationship management (CRM) system, information is now instantly available in one place about customer accounts, credit cards, loans, investments, deposits and other financial information.
To achieve all of this, ADCB integrated around 20 back-end systems to achieve a 360-degree view of its customers.

From Mission to Reality
The company started by transforming how information was being connected and distributed throughout the organization. ADCB bridged all systems together and completely transposed its legacy infrastructure to create a modernized SOA. As a result, the unified backbone quickly released the company from the time and costs associated with its previous point-to-point integration n approach. The platform also empowered the business to reuse existing services and applications, reducing the time and costs previously required to develop individual applications.

Armed with a centralized system that delivers information in real-time on the back-end to its departments and geographical locations, ADCB then optimized processes by streamlining how information was delivered to its branches and employees. Traditionally, information about a customer required a lengthy retrieval process of logging into multiple applications and gathering information. To reduce the process time and provide instant access to accurate data, ADCB constructed a one-time log-in user interface that displays a comprehensive 360-degree profile of a customer.

In addition to capturing information about the customer's core accounts and banking activities, the unified view of the customer also receives real-time updates when the customer responds to marketing campaigns. Alerting ADCB to the customer's interests better enables the bank to deliver products and services with greater relevancy.

Collectively, the SOA infrastructure and new user interface enables ADCB to quickly build and distribute new services to its customers, deliver products with greater relevancy and timeliness, and alleviate the frustration a customer experiences with lengthy service times.

Supporting Quotes

"Stemming from our mission to build lifelong relationships with our customers, we wanted to build a platform that would provide them with enhanced services and tools to help make their lives easier. With TIBCO, we have achieved this," said Kashif Qasim, Project Manager ITD, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank. "The unified platform not only strengthens our ability to better serve our customers with stronger levels of service, it also extends our service capabilities beyond traditional banking and opens the door to delivering more creative lifestyle solutions."

"With TIBCO, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank has launched itself to the forefront of customer service in the UAE financial banking market," said Lee North, Head of Information Technology, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank. "By unifying its backend systems, ADCB has the opportunity to leverage its newly found competitive advantage to drive dynamic solutions that significantly impact the lives of its customers."

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