SpryWare approves latest SolarFlare adapters

Source: SpryWare

SpryWare a premier provider of Ultra Low Latency feed handlers and direct market data technology, today announced the approval of the next generation SolarFlare 10 Gigabit Ethernet Server Adaptors.

Over the last 3 months SpryWare has tested and approved the dual port SolarStorm SFN5121T 10GbE network cards on their Ultra Low Latency Market Data servers. The tests of the cards resulted in lower latency and less CPU usage, both key factors to SpryWare's market data clients.

The tests consisted of a solutions stack, including SpryWare's Market Information Server, the SolarFlare dual-port server adapters, and SolarFlare's OpenOnload (OOL) application accelerator. The results showed less jitter, lower and more predictable latency, and less CPU usage, all helping free up valuable processing power. In short, the less CPU resources a component consumes, the more processing power available to process high message rates.

"Working with SolarFlare who comes out with new innovative components for our technology stack is a great addition to our overall performance improvement" says Mike Kreutzjans, Director of SpryWare. "We are constantly optimizing our software to better deal with the large and growing message rates, so working with advanced hardware components, like the cards from SolarFlare, that help improve even further is a nice plus", continues Kreutzjans.

The new server adapters from SolarFlare are available for implementation immediately with the SpryWare Market Information Server installations. Several production servers are currently using the above configurations.


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