Barclaycard online payment gateway launches

Source: Barclaycard

Barclaycard has today announced the launch of Barclaycard SmartPay.

This new secure online payment processing system is designed to deliver greater success for European retailers competing with domestic retailers in international markets; reducing fraud and data security risks, enhancing consumer experience and ultimately increasing the number of successful sales. Developed in partnership with global internet payment and e-commerce solutions expert Adyen, it will revolutionise cross-border e-commerce by offering a simpler, seamless payment experience to consumers.

Barclaycard SmartPay's next generation functionality offers a single payment gateway for large merchants' online stores, adapting language and currency to the origin of the paying customer. While offering a seamless consumer journey to the payment page, it also offers a diverse range of payment methods, allowing retailers to match local consumer preferences across multiple markets*.

According to recent figures** for Europe, e-commerce sales are expected to reach €172bn this year. Whether in traditional retail sales, leisure and travel or other key online sectors, Barclaycard SmartPay will enable merchants to take maximum advantage of the rapidly growing online sales market.

Stewart Roberts, Business Development Director, Global Payment Acceptance at Barclaycard, said: "Satisfying the complex expectations of European online consumers has become critical for success. By simplifying the online transaction processes, Barclaycard SmartPay will make it easy for businesses to present a seamless, localised and familiar payment environment across the EU."

Pieter van der Does, Chief Executive of Adyen, says: "The Adyen-powered internet payment solution has been designed to provide a scalable, flexible one stop platform for accepting internet payments worldwide with one contract and one connection. The combination of our expertise and Barclaycard's globally renowned brand offers merchants complete control over a payment platformaatform they can trust and the opportunity to extend their online business across Europe."

Barclaycard SmartPay is fully PCI DSS compliant and was designed to protect consumers and retailers with a range of built-in fraud, risk and security capabilities. It integrates easily with shopping carts and existing e-commerce solutions, and will provide merchants with a detailed insight into all online sales activity via real-time management reporting***.

Stewart Robert, adds: "Barclaycard SmartPay's unique reporting capabilities will provide enhanced insight into consumer behaviour. However, when combined with their own marketing data it provides a tool that allows them to compete effectively across all their chosen markets.

*According to research from Forrester, the most popular online shopping payment across the EU is credit cards (41%), but preferred payment methods vary by country from direct/payment cards to online bank transfers, credit cards or even PayPal. Source: European Technographics Retail, Customer Experience and Travel Online Survey, Q3 2009.

**Source: Centre for Retail Research, forecast for 2010

***Barclaycard SmartPay will provide retailers with:
• Cross border transactions: Access to all relevant European payment methods
• Localisation: Completely customisable payment page for customers in different countries
• Real-time information: Presented in a user-friendly way that includes showing the number of transactions from each country on a map of Europe (useful for focusing business and improving sales)
• Fraud MI: Monthly recommendation on fraud settings, based on analysis, with Fraud Control System part of the core offering
• Multi currency: Payments accepted in multiple currencies, with settlement in single and multi currency accounts
• Multiple payment options: Order of appearance of payment methods is flexible with the ability to turn specific payment methods on and off
• Next generation analytics: Providing daily and hourly turnover figures with RSS feeds direct to the merchant's desktop

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