Hedgehogs adds BCM International Regulatory Analytics content

Source: Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs.net, the leading social marketplace and web-based content delivery platform for the financial community, and BCM International Regulatory Analytics LLC, today announced the launch of regulatory analytics tools available to the Hedgehogs.net community.

BCM International Regulatory Analytics is making its premium analytical publication, The Risk Telescope, available on a subscription basis to Hedgehogs.net members. The Risk Telescope provides senior executives, risk managers, traders, and strategists with independent, proprietary analysis of key global financial regulatory and economic policy trends twice a month.

In addition, BCM International Regulatory Analytics is creating a proprietary "Risk Telescope News Channel" available exclusively to Hedgehogs.net members on a subscription basis. The news channel combines a consolidated tape of the company's twitter feeds and blog posts with exclusive access to a bespoke "PuzzlePieces" service, using Hedgehogs.net's innovative SaaS-based technology platform. PuzzlePieces posts strategically significant source documents in the public domain (communiqués; key studies, reports, and speeches) as they appear, usually 2-3 times per week.

Hedgehogs.net is the leading developer of innovative web-based content delivery services for the financial community. The Hedgehogs.net platform provides content management, entitlement management, licensing, billing, payment and digital marketing capabilities. For Hedgehogs.net, the deal marks an important addition to its commercially-focused premium content applications.

"Partnering with BCM International Regulatory Analytics LLC to deliver a commercial application for their regulatory analytical tools, represented an excellent opportunity to showcase the platform and expand its capacity to deliver premium content to a targeted group of sophisticated financial market participants. Our ability to support the demands of a service designed for delivery at the very highest levels within the industry and attract a partner of Barbara Matthews' status and gravitas, provides a clear demonstration of the platform's capabilities." said Ken Yeadon, Chief Executive Officer, Hedgehogs.net.

"As the financial servirvice industry evolves, we expect more demand for our ability to bring together expert providers of niche content and trading services in a cost-effective, targeted way using our SaaS based approach."

As Barbara C. Matthews, Managing Director and founder of BCM International Regulatory Analytics commented "The Hedgehogs.net platform provides a cutting edge and efficient mechanism for sophisticated financial services professionals to access analytics and raw data on their terms. Their innovative use of social media, content management, and payment tools as well as their can-do attitude and professionalism make them an ideal technology partner. Firms can choose their level of engagement: raw data through the news channel or strategic analytics through subscriptions to The Risk Telescope. Firms can also access the content on their terms from anywhere in the world, taking advantage of the Hedgehogs.net content management and archiving functions."

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