Western Union revamps walk-in payments service

Source: Western Union

The Western Union Company (NYSE:WU) introduced today, at its U.S. flagship location at 1440 Broadway in New York City, an enhanced walk-in payments service, featuring formless payment with speed, accuracy and convenience.

The new streamlined walk-in payments service also offers consumers same-day, next-day and second-day payment options.

With over 4,000 billers in Western Union's U.S. network of payment receivers, consumers will enjoy "one stop" convenience for many of their payment needs, including mortgage, auto loan, credit card, utility, insurance, telecommunications and more. The enhanced walk-in payment offering complements Western Union's web-based and text payment options, supporting its commitment to being an industry innovation leader in comprehensive payments solutions for consumers.

"In this economy, billers want to make their consumer payment experience as convenient and reliable as possible," said David Shapiro, senior vice president Western Union Payments. "Our new payment service provides consumers choice, control and peace of mind."

"Our walk-in payments solutions are a reliable and convenient way for consumers seeking to make last-minute bill payments," Shapiro continued. "It is a valuable money-management tool for the consumer who wants flexibility, convenience and choice in their payment budget."

Simple, Intuitive, Robust

The new Payments Service simplifies the consumer experience. Consumers provide their information on their first visit, thanks to the "once and done" formless procedure. Subsequent bill payments will require only an easily recallable customer identifier like a phone number. No paperwork - no hassle. Western Union has also eliminated the need for consumers to enter non-intuitive biller codes, called "code cities," to make their payments, ensuring the experience is easier for consumers and Agents alike. With a robust network of billers, the flexibility of choosing payment delivery speeds, and an unparalleled Agent network, the new Western Union® Payments Service is both a smart money management tool and reliable go-to for last-minute payment solutions.

"Western Union has been a trusted brand for more than 150 years. We are a leading innovative source for comprehensive payment solutions including walk-in cash payments," said Shapiro.

"This new Payments Service improves the customer experience, accelerates the agent processing, and will help expand our biller network pool."

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