Global Payments brings VeriFone iPhone system to Canada

Source: VeriFone

VeriFone Systems (NYSE: PAY), today announced that Global Payments (NYSE: GPN), leader in electronic payment processing services, will distribute and support VeriFone's PAYware Mobile secure card payment system in Canada.

Global Payments is the first payment processor to offer Canadian customers VeriFone's unique card processing solution for the iPhone mobile digital device.

Global Payments will begin immediately to make the PAYware Mobile card encryption sleeve available to merchants. VeriFone's sleek and durable card reader slips over iPhone 3G and 3GS to accommodate secure card swipes and allow individuals and businesses with new or existing merchant accounts to qualify for lower-cost "card present" transaction fees.

"VeriFone has created a market-leading mobile payment solution that will expand electronic card acceptance to a broad range of merchants and small businesses for which a payment-enabled, multipurpose smartphone is the best option for electronic payment transactions," said Jeff J. McGuire, Vice President, Product Development and Marketing for Global Payments Canada. "We're delighted to be first to introduce this first-class payment solution for iPhone into the Canadian market."

"We look forward to working with Global Payments to introduce PAYware Mobile in Canada," said VeriFone Executive Vice President Jeff Dumbrell. "Merchants and other small businesses are eager to use VeriFone's solution to adapt their iPhones for card payment acceptance anywhere, anytime."

The VeriFone system currently incorporates a secure mag-stripe card encryption reader for iPhone and a PA-DSS validated App; an EMV version of the card encryption reader is anticipated soon. An English language version of the PAYware Mobile app for Canada is available for immediate download, with a French version planned for later this year.

The PAYware Mobile card encryption sleeve incorporates VeriFone's end-to-end encryption technology and ensures secure payment processing. It incorporates a stylus for signature capture and a mini-USB port for charging the iPhone while the ergonomic reader is attached.

Users also gain access to the PAYware Connect gateway, a fully customizable and reliable gateway service that's ideal for small businesses. Details of all iPhone payment transactions are available in real-time within the Merchant Portal on the payment gateway, which also enables businesses to consolidate payment reporting from multiple PAYware Mobile-equipped iPhones.

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