Fixi selects Integral FX Inside liquidity aggregation service

Source: Integral Development

Integral Development, a leading provider of FX trading solutions and services, and Fixi, one of the UK's leading FX brokers, announced today that they have added Integral's FX Inside liquidity aggregation service to Fixi's suite of global FX liquidity solutions.

It will be marketed under the name FIXI Prime Inside. This platform will allow FIXI to offer its institutional clients incomparable means of accessing their distributed global FX liquidity. The improved service and execution from this platform reinforces FIXI's commitment to place its client's interests first.

"Integral's proficiency in this area of the FX technology sector gave us confidence that our clients would not only welcome this product, but embrace it," said Richard Wynn, CEO, FIXI Plc. "By adding the flexibility to quickly adjust essential portions of our systems, we feel we will be able to grow our business much quicker."

Adding FIXI Prime Inside will compliment FIXI's operational efficiencies, and with the advanced risk management tools provided by Integral, allow the broker to improve its focus on its expansion into the institutional FX sector.

"FIXI is the latest example of a broker deploying our technology to advance its risk management capabilities and gain operational flexibility in support of growing their businesses," said Harpal Sandhu, CEO, Integral Development Corp. "These game-changing attributes combined with access to Integral's OTC FX trading network and FX liquidity aggregation services will greatly benefit FIXI as well as its institutional clients."

FX Inside Professional is an institutional-level Execution Management System (EMS) which aggregates and ranks prices from FIXI's liquidity providers, giving its customers unmatched depth of liquidity and best execution. FX Inside Professional eliminates the need for viewing multiple FX applications on multiple screens by consolidating them into a single interface. FX Inside Professional's algorithmic capabilities support executing large trades across multiple liquidity providers with minimal slippage.

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