Ingenico unveils latest PIN pad range

Source: Ingenico

Ingenico, (Euronext: FR0000125346 - ING), world leader in payment solutions, presents at the Equipmag trade show its new range of iPP320 (monochrome screen) / iPP350 (color screen) PIN Pads, designed to meet the security, performance and comfort requirements expressed by the retailers.

Retailers need to manage hundreds of thousands of transactions every day with numerous payment card formats: credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, electronic purses, contactless cards, etc. Their concern: the need for fast, uninterrupted and secure transactions to satisfy increasingly demanding customers.

A combination of technology and innovation, Ingenico's new solutions exceed the expectations of these professionals by addressing major challenges: secure the payments, centralize management of the infrastructures and enhance customer relations.

- Compact, ergonomic and legible
Both compact and light (weighing just 240 g), the PIN Pads are designed for easy handling by consumers. The large screen is easy to read. Large backlit keys limits the risk of error when entering the PIN code. An LED at the bottom of the device indicates where the holder should insert its smartcard. With optimum comfort in mind, Ingenico has designed its keypad in compliance with the ADA* standard for visually impaired people.

Adapted to the highly specialised environment of the Retailer, the PIN Pads can be fixed or mobile, installed on a counter or removable arm. The new iPP320/350 range is both compact and robust, the hardened shell being capable of withstanding repeated, violent and daily shocks.

- Contact or contactless
Including a highly reliable magnetic card reader and an EMV smart card reader, the new PIN Pads feature the MasterCard PayPass and Visa PayWave-approved integrated contactless technology. Instead of two terminals - separate PIN Pad and contactless card reader - retailers now have a single terminal that can be upgraded to contactless to suit their requirements, without having to replace all the existing terminals.

- Simplified maintenance
In a sector where time savings represent a major financial stake, handling and replacement of PIN Pads must be fast and easy. If a device has to be changed, no tools are required to disconnect the unique cable connecting the iPP320/350 terminal to the payment system, thanks to an ingenious clip system. Another advantage, the cable is completely independent of the terminal. If necessary, it can be replaced without having to change the entire terminal.

- Universal connectivity
The PIN Pads can be connected to any type of payment system via a RS232, USB and Ethernet/IP serial ports, making them compatible with all types of connection required for the market.

- Secure transactions
The iPP320/350 terminals comply with all statutory and security constraints (PCI PTS V2, EMV Level 1&2 and standards specific to each country), making encrypted, secure and fast transactions. They also withstand the electromagnetic field from anti theft barriers to protect the transactions from any disturbance.

- Anti-theft system
Offering various security levels to suit user requirements, the iPP320/350 range features a simple, universal and highly efficient anti-theft system: a Kensington security slot. The PIN Pads can also be screwed down to limit theft attempts.

Services beyond traditional payment
Ingenico offers transaction solutions and services such as centralized management of terminals, management of transactions and an added-value service development and deployment platform. Combined with these services, the new iPP range helps merchants to optimise transactions to improve customer loyalty and increase their income.

- Simplify infrastructure management
Centralised management of the numerous terminals deployed at the point of sale allows retailers to optimize their operating costs, improve their maintenance organization and ensure maximum availability.

Ingenico's solutions provide complete, remote management of the payment terminals. From end-to-end security management to remote software updates, Ingenico reduces costs and the complexity generally associated with the management of a payment infrastructure. Like all Ingenico terminals, the new iPP320/350 PIN Pads can be managed remotely and updated with no on-site intervention.

- Manage networked transactions
To meet the payment requirements of retailers (large stores, supermarkets, specialised chains, restaurants, leisure parks, etc.) Ingenico has developed Axis, a multi-channel high availability transaction platform. Secure from end to end, Axis centralizes the entire transaction lifecycle. It rationalizes the transaction processes, guarantees real time reporting and optimizes the connectivity timeframe for payment authorisation requests.

Combined with Axis, the iPP320/350 PIN Pad offers one of the best transaction speed on the market and optimum security: the solution is PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified.

- Offer new added-value services

The possibility of offering new added-value services, in addition to payment, currently represents a major stake in the field of payment, everywhere in the world. Ingenico's open, flexible platform enables companies to access a dimension other than that of traditional payment. New services such as loyalty programs, lottery games, promotions, can easily be implemented on the payment terminals.

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