Chess designs smartcard technology for Dutch public transport

Source: Chess

The OV-chipkaart, the smart card for the Dutch public transportation system, is currently being rolled out on a big scale.

It provides public transport with a national access control and settlement system that is implemented by all public transportation companies.

As part of the smart card´s continued development, Trans Link Systems (TLS) and the Open Ticketing Institute have asked Chess to design and industrialise the next OV-chipkaart generation. It must represent enhanced security whilst retaining the previous version's high performance. The handling speed between the OV-chipkaart and hardware determines throughput in public transportation.

Based on Global Platform standards, Chess developed a Java Card and the embedded software for the card readers to comply with this requirement. Security and performance have been and are being audited by expert institutes. The Royal Holloway University of London also conducted an independent test on behalf of the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management last year. After these phases were concluded successfully, the specifications were released to the hardware vendors.

The actual implementation time of the next OV-chipkaart generation depends on fraud-related developments with regard to the existing OV-chipkaart. Multiple applications were taken into consideration during the development of the new OV-chipkaart preparing it for further functional extension and security added to its system as and when the public transportation companies and TLS feel the need for these.

Chess is very proud of this assignment, which the company was granted on the basis of its specific security and chip-technology expertise. As the manufacturer of the Pay4You POS payment terminal, Chess is intimately familiar with the requirements of EMV chip technology and security of hardware and (embedded) software technology. As the developer of customised software products for the financial industry, Chess has strong expertise on critical transaction systems such as payment systems.

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