Moneris chooses Inetco Insight

Source: Inetco Systems

Inetco Systems Limited, a leading expert in business transaction management for the financial services industry, today announced that Moneris Solutions, one of North America's largest providers of payment processing solutions, has chosen to purchase Inetco Insight as a part of their proactive management strategy.

INETCO Insight will be deployed within the production, test and back-up environments of all Moneris data centers located across Canada.

"Unlike traditional "deep dive" application and network monitoring tools, INETCO Insight provides a systems-wide view into the performance of all our business critical applications and networks," said Amer Mater, SVP of Products and Technology for Moneris Solutions. "By deploying this leading edge business transaction management solution, Moneris has gained the real-time visibility and historical transaction intelligence needed to proactively analyze, diagnose and report on the performance of every payment transaction and deliver the best customer service possible to over 350,000 merchants."

INETCO Insight is a lightweight, agentless business transaction management solution that allows Moneris to view the complete path of every transaction across multiple critical business applications and merchant-, processor-, bank issuer- and acquirer- environments. INETCO Insight captures and displays application, network and transaction performance metrics that make it easy to isolate issues and quickly determine which IT team or third party service provider needs to do a deeper dive into the root cause. With the deployment of INETCO Insight, Moneris now has the on-demand reporting, data correlation, real-time alerting, and historical transaction performance querying capabilities required by their line of business, IT operations and customer service teams to successfully manage their merchant customers, additional service offerings, and corporate growth.

"As banks and payment processors continue to focus on expanding market share, new product offerings and operational efficiencies, they face an escalating risk of performance issues in their payment system environments," said Bijan Sanii, President and CEO of INETCO. "Activities such as new service roll-outs, migrations to modular web-based applications, ever-changing compliance regulations, mergers and acquisitions have resulted in the need for more robust troubleshooting, analysis and on-demand reporting solutions. Deploying a next generation business transaction management technology such as INETCO Insight enables Moneris to remain a market leader and continue to grow their business without escalating risk of revenue or service disruptions."


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