Wisekey to launch P2P mobile payment platform

Source: WiseKey

At the 2008 Clinton Global Initiative Meeting (CGI), WISeKey and eight members committed to bringing Mobile Banking to millions of people. WISeKey agreed to provide a platform to enable anyone with a mobile phone to make payments and transactions, and to develop or reinforce communities through communication.

The result is WISePay(TM), which will be launched as a world first during the next CGI in September 2010 in New York. Designed for financial institutions, mobile operators, e-commerce and catalog retailers, it allows universally trusted payment services to be offered out of Switzerland using WISeKey's reliable and secure technology and localized bunkers in Switzerland. Compatible with all mobile devices, WISePay(TM) ensures access to the services through the most common and secure channels, based on the solid experience acquired by WISeKey in the financial and telecom sectors.

Two versions of WISeKey's app will be downloadable from iTunes by the end of September 2010. The first, WISePay Virtual Money, is for mobile transactions with Virtual economies such as Multi-User-Domains (MUDs) and Massively Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs). Virtual economies also exist in life-simulation games which have taken radical steps toward linking a virtual economy with the real world. It can be used in games such as Second Life and for monetizing advertising revenue.

The second app, WISePay Cash, will allow person-to-person transfer, bank account transfer, loan reimbursement, bill payment and mobile credit top-up. The application is available to all mobile phone users.

WISePay works in combination with WISeID, which provides a Digital ID on your iPhone and iTouch.

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