CapitalStar touts interdealer voice brokering system

Source: CapitalStar Systems

CapitalStar Systems, LLC, the institutional brokerage solutions provider, announced today the release of StarBroker, the voice-broking support system for interdealer and institutional wholesale markets.

StarBroker is a white-label product sold to wholesale institutional brokerage companies for rapid deployment to broker and institutional trading communities. Designed to support the full range of needs for the voice broker, StarBroker includes interrelated interfaces for brokers and traders, instant price dissemination capabilities, depth-of-book and order flow management blotters, order and trade management, and a customer relationship management tool. StarBroker is the industry's first packaged, turn-key electronic voice-broking support solution for wholesale interdealer markets.

"Wholesale interdealer brokers provide unique services for the complex financial instruments traded in these less liquid markets," explained Stephen Dunn, CEO of CapitalStar Systems. "Interdealer brokers discover liquidity and provide price improvement, negotiate trade terms, align credit relationships and much more. StarBroker was designed specifically to support these tasks in the voice broker’s trade cycle." The StarBroker system features credit bridging and volume expansion capabilities that help the voice broker bring increased liquidity to the marketplace.

"Relationships play a strong role in this industry," commented Mark Leonhard, CapitalStar Systems' SVP of Business Development. "StarBroker uses technology to enhance existing relationships, offering more information exchange between brokers and clients.” With StarBroker’s 1to1 Broking™, brokers can quickly tailor customer-specific pages of market information, alert clients to developments in their markets, and collaborate with clients on trade confirmation. “This kind of interaction with customers can be tremendously valuable to both the customer and the voice broker," said Mr. Leonhard.

For customer relationship management purposes, StarBroker provides user activity statistics. Track activity such as orders and trades by instrument, the ratio of trades to orders by client, bids and offers by client, trades on which your client was the aggressor versus trades on which they were on the passive side, and credit bridges by client.

StarBroker features include brokerage commission schedule management and a reporting utility that generates transaction and revenue reports by account, desk or broker as well as historical reports that highlight revenue trends by account, desk, product and broker.

CapitalStar Systems provides several add-on packages for StarBroker. StarFeed is a market data contribution agent that can disseminate real-time data to customers and market data vendors. StarHub is a financial messaging agent for straight-through processing between trade management and other systems.

StarBroker is currently deployed in NY, London and Latin America. "Our existing clients are based in different markets and trade a variety of product sets," Mr. Dunn noted. "This has enabled us to track system performance and validate system resiliency under different circumstances." Mr. Dunn added, "Whether interdealer brokers are starting a new desk or expanding an existing one, StarBroker's speed of deployment, time to market and low deployment costs provide compelling ROI."

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