AimBank revamps Web site with T8 Webware

Source: T8 Webware

T8 Webware, a provider of Web development, management and hosting services for the financial industry, today announced its selection by $196 million AimBank to provide a Web presence for the bank with the tools to maintain innovative, dynamic sections that engage its customers.

"AimBank's top priority was to manage our site's content internally, enabling us to provide timely, accurate and relevant information to both customers and the community," said Jeremy Ferrell, senior vice president and chief operating officer at AimBank. "With T8, we found the perfect marriage between giving us that control, but still providing the professional creativity and design that we needed for a foundation."

Texas-based AimBank operates in both rural communities and urban cities, and T8 Webware's content management system, FREEDOM8, enables the bank to host and update a wide selection of services - including calendars, news, RSS feeds and stock quotes - that meet the needs of both audiences. "The content we now have is appropriate for the farmer that needs local cash grain market updates, as well as the Gen Y customer looking for online services," Ferrell explained. "Being able to offer information that would appeal to our broad range of customers was paramount in our decisioning process."

"AimBank's mission is to serve the communities that it influences with exceptional customer service as well as an unparalleled banking experience - which can be challenging given the diversity of its communities," said Wade Arnold, CEO, T8 Webware. "With T8 Webware and FREEDOM8, the bank is now able to break down traditional boundaries that once limited financial institutions' effectiveness online and reach out to all of their audiences with quick, easy website updates."


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