TT upgrades X_Trader

Source: Trading Technologies

Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT), a leading provider of order-entry software and solutions for professional derivatives traders, announced that it has released X_Trader 7.8.

This new version of TT's flagship trading product contains new features that increase user control, software functionality and performance.

Highlights of the new X_TRADER 7.8 features include:

* A redesigned Market Window Order Pane includes enhancements and added functionality that make it even easier for traders and brokers to quickly seed and enter orders.
* A new Order Defaults window allows users to name, save and apply frequently used order configurations as order templates.
* Enhanced risk provisions offer a new Max Long/Short position limit for spread traders, and a new Price Variance setting to reduce potential "fat-finger" order-entry errors.
* Improved order entry-seeding rules ensure consistent behavior across all X_TRADER windows.

Version 7.8 also enhances TT's Autospreader and AutotraderTM automated trading tools:

* The new Reload order type splits large Autospreader orders into smaller disclosed quantities.
* Queue Holder Autospreader orders may now be dynamically submitted via a button in the Autospreader MD Trader® window. Queue Holder is an Autospreader feature that submits and manages multiple quoting orders per leg, improving the likelihood of getting filled through improved position in queue.
* A new Consider Implied configuration enables Autospreader to use both direct and implied prices for hedging into a market.

* New columns in the Autotrader interface provide more information about the orders generated by the strategies created in Autotrader. These columns include Max Position, Row Position and Last Fill Price.

"X_TRADER 7.8 contains many new features that should appeal to all of our users, including institutional, fund, proprietary, commercial and independent traders. We anticipate this newest version of our trading platform will further help our customers maximize their results over time," said Harris Brumfield, CEO of TT.

X_TRADER 7.8 is now available through TT's global distribution network, which includes 19 of the top 20 largest global futures brokers.

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