Barclaycard offers SMS and email alerts

Source: Barclaycard

mybarclaycard, the next-generation online account servicing system offered to Barclaycard customers, will now provide SMS and email alerts to enable customers to keep on top of their spending when out and about.

The new service offers Barclaycard customers the choice of up to six alerts:

* Account balance
* Notification of statements posted online
* Payments due
* Payments received
* Spending limit reached
* Balance limit

One set of alerts is available for every credit card account, allowing customers complete control and flexibility over how they manage their finances. Customers opt in for these free alerts if they wish to receive them, and can select the ones they feel are most relevant to them. They also have the option to set their own spending limits, and to choose whether to receive full alerts via email, or SMS alerts containing a link to the online system and a description of the alert in question.

mybarclaycard alerts are the latest addition to Barclaycard's range of online services, and form part of Barclaycard's wider strategy to encourage customers to try paperless email and SMS in place of traditional channels. By offering a proactive electronic alerts system, mybarclaycard now offers additional support to customers who might otherwise be reluctant to go paperless.

mybarclaycard is the next generation of online card and banking services, offering customers new ways to interpret and manage their spending. It enables customers to personalise their pages, and offers visual representations of spend to make card management easier.

In addition to mybarclaycard, Barclaycard customers can also take advantage of Barclaycard Freedom, the broadest rewards scheme in the UK, which allows customers to earn and redeem Reward Money in pounds and pence in thousands of retailers across the UK without the need to carry additional cards or vouchers. Customers also enjoy the flexibility of contactless technology: payments of 15 pounds Sterling and under can be made with just a simple swipe; all backed up by Barclaycard's advanced security and fraud prevention measures.

Barclaycard Unwind offers Barclaycard holders exclusive discounts and pre-sas and s and pre-sale access to gig tickets as well as private sessions with top UK artists, competitions and up to the minute music news. As part of Barclaycard Unwind, Barclaycard is the title sponsor of the Mercury Music Prize and the Wireless festival, and has recently announced a partnership with Wembley Arena, which is now to be known as 'Wembley Arena, a Barclaycard Unwind Venue'.

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