Hypercom and Structab bring EMV payments to Stockholm taxis

Source: Hypercom

Hypercom Corporation (NYSE: HYC) today announced that Samport Payment Services AB and Structab AB will supply 1,600 Hypercom Optimum M4100 EMV mobile payment terminals to Taxi Stockholm AB cabs transporting over 40,000 customers per day.

The rollout is already underway in Stockholm and is expected to be completed before the end of the year.

"Taxi Stockholm is recognized for its first class and highly reliable service in transporting hundreds of thousands of commuters, visitors and other travelers. We are pleased to join with payment security experts Samport and Hypercom to support this leading transportation company's move to EMV," said Mikael Andersson, CEO, Structab AB.

"Samport provides complete transaction processing systems and solutions that recognized leaders like Structab AB and Taxi Stockholm AB can have absolute confidence in, and are doing that with Hypercom's innovative high security payment terminals," said Mikael Hedlöf, Chief Executive Officer, Samport. Samport is a Hypercom authorized distributor and service partner in the Nordic countries.

With Structab AB's state-of-the-art MegTax taximeter and Hypercom's high security Optimum M4100 "Blade", the driver simply hands the M4100 to the customer with the amount of the fare already entered. The customer is prompted to proceed in the local language or in English, enters a gratuity in the local currency if desired, swipes or inserts a payment card for authorization, enters a PIN and receives a printed receipt.

"This deployment strengthens our position in the taxi vertical, expands our footprint in Europe's transportation sector, and brings new levels of speed, security and convenience to the taxi cab drivers and their passengers," said Peter Vesco, Managing Director, Hypercom Northern Europe.


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