Nyse Technologies launches order routing direct connectivity service

Source: Nyse Technologies

Nyse Technologies, the global commercial technology unit of Nyse Euronext, today announced the launch of Order Routing Direct, its new, fully-managed point-to-point order routing service.

Order Routing Direct uses patent-pending network technology that allows customers to seamlessly connect directly via FIX protocol with their trading counterparties and doesn't require routing back to a centralized hub.

"Order Routing Direct provides our customers with fully-managed connectivity, broad FIX compatibility and revolutionary network technology to directly connect to any of the more than 650 broker dealers and 600 buy-side firms in the NYSE Technologies Marketplace community," said Scott Fitzpatrick, Vice President, NYSE Technologies Marketplace. "We recognize that some customers have specific trading requirements that are not fully supported by the traditional hub-and-spoke service model used around the industry. By coupling that model with Order Routing Direct, NYSE Technologies has become the only provider to offer customers the value of two complementary connectivity services."

Order Routing Direct offers support for every trading workflow using the FIX protocol standard. With unparalleled technology and NYSE Technologies white glove client service and support, Order Routing Direct provides a fast solution for on-boarding trading destinations. This point-to-point service features enhanced recovery, troubleshooting, redundant and resilient solution support, enhanced network routing, and the ease of compatibility with any infrastructure. With direct access to the more than 1,200 participants in the NYSE Technologies Marketplace community, Order Routing Direct eliminates the need to coordinate with multiple networks and service providers. Additionally, current Marketplace customers can use this service with no changes to their existing infrastructure.


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