Dynamic Card Solutions updates CardWizard

Source: Dynamic Card Solutions

Dynamic Card Solutions (DCS), the leading provider of instant issuance and PIN selection solutions for banks, credit unions and retailers that issue magnetic strip, EMV and contactless cards, today announced its latest software application release, CardWizard 5.2.

This release-the result of continuous research and development-is the newest and most robust software application for instant card issuance.

DCS' CardWizard 5.2 software enables financial institutions to instantly issue magstripe, contact, contactless and EMV payment cards in branch or back office. Financial institution customers can receive these permanent cards instantly at account opening or if they have a lost or stolen card the replacement is available immediately at any branch location. With CardWizard instant issue software, financial institutions can eliminate third party card issuance costs, and increase activation rates, early and long-term card usage, interchange revenue and top of mind/wallet brand recognition.

In addition to enabling custom background selection and the ability to produce a fully personalized, unembossed card, DCS's patented CardWizard 5.2 software release also features optimum functionality, increased performance, memory utilization, and enables significant new capabilities to enhance security, delivery and overall customer experience. Features include:

* Improved user interface and reporting functions
* Additional multiple language support for Spanish and Portuguese
* New support for servers and platforms
* Optimized custom background selection functions
* Expanded chip programming capabilities

"Because DCS is the only provider solely dedicated to instant card issuance and PIN management solutions, our resources are dedicated to continuously enhancing our software and hardware products," said Ron Zanotti, senior vice president of DCS. "CardWizard 5.2 contains approximately 35 new capabilities and/or enhancements so that our customers can stay ahead of the curve in the payments market while driving customer service, satisfaction, card sales, activation and interchange to improved levels."

With the ability to adapt to a variety of interfaces, companies can combine CardWizard with an array of card issuance machines and PIN pad devices to create flexible card issuance and PIN selection environments to accommodate multiple user requirements. As a component-based Windows software application, CardWizard 5.2 is currently available and easily integrates into existing branch, host and network systems and boasts an easy-to-use administration component.

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