Tech Imagine and Global Rainmakers partner on biometric bank security in Latin America

Source: Tech Imagine

Florida-based Tech Imagine Inc. has selected Global Rainmakers (GRI), an intellectual property holding company and advanced R&D laboratory, to provide cutting-edge iris biometrics technology into the existing banking security systems of their clients throughout Latin American and the Caribbean.

Tech Imagine is the largest distributor of Panini check scanners in Latin America, providing world-class service to leading companies in the financial services sector. They have achieved great success with deployments at Citigroup, all main offices of Banco Santander and Banco Azteca, and more than 5,000 additional installations across 7 countries.

The Company will work with banks across Latin America to establish pilot programs that employ GRI's iris biometrics scanning technology to enhance the security of these establishments.

Global Rainmakers' cutting-edge suite of biometric products meets the demands of Tech Imagine's clients in the financial sector. These products are designed to use iris recognition technology to identify humans and provide the most secure technology possible when it comes to identity management and access control systems. GRI's iris scanning platform provides the foundation to service billions of unique users across a global scale by leveraging proprietary image capture and matching technologies in a cost-efficient, easy to install and use manner. Potential uses for the Global Rainmakers' technology include securing mobile payments and use for ATM identification, among many others.

"We have already had success in the banking industry with the deployment of iris scanning technology throughout the Bank of America headquarters. Building on our previous expertise in this arena, Tech Imagine will leverage our experience to bring biometrics technology to consumer banking in Latin America," said Hector Hoyos, CEO of Global Rainmakers. "Not only will this partnership allow us to extend GRI's reach within the financial services sector, we will also extend into regions with a great deal of growth potential, including Latin America and the Caribbean."

Tech Imagine's employees will be trained at the Global Rainmakers headquarters in New York to learn how to use, support, install, integrate, and maintain the new technochnology.

"Latin American financial services and banking industries are currently expanding at a rapid pace and our goal is to partner with world class manufacturers of cutting edge technology, such as Global Rainmakers, to help expand security integration into this market and satisfy all of our customers' present and future needs. Global Rainmakers provides the most comprehensive, secure, and easily employed technology that will appeal to our client base," said Alex Rosal, President of Tech Imagine.

Global Rainmakers has worked with the Pentagon, and the U.S. Air Force, as well as banking and financial services companies, such as Bank of America.

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