Advent reports SunGard Moxy deal

Source: Advent Software

Advent Software (NASDAQ: ADVS) a leading provider of software and services for the global investment management industry, today announced that SunGard's Valdi Liquidity Solutions has become the latest algorithmic trading provider to become certified by Advent to deliver advanced, algorithmic trading tools, including the Valdi dark pool aggregator, integrated with Moxy, Advent's industry leading trade order management solution.

The addition of Valdi Liquidity Solutions brings the number of algorithmic trading strategies integrated into Advent's Moxy electronic order routing technology to more than 225. The integration of algorithmic trading with Moxy provides traders with the tools necessary to find liquidity and seek best execution while reducing the number of applications on the trader's desktop. The algorithmic trading strategies offered by SunGard and other Advent FIX (Algorithmic) Certification partners are provided free of charge to Moxy clients.

Algorithmic trading continues to be at the forefront of electronic trading, with three quarters of U.S. firms employing algorithmic trading on their desks. Over half of the traders who use Moxy employ algorithms for more than 25% of their equity trading, with the majority of traders employing strategies from four vendors or more. Integration of algorithmic trading strategies into the Moxy trade order management solution helps streamline workflow, support a comprehensive range of parameters and allows traders control of their order directly from Moxy.

"The ability of Moxy to integrate our critical algorithmic trading partners into one OMS reduces the complications of multiple trading platforms and provides our traders the control, customization and strategies we need when seeking best execution for our trades," said Kyle Krueger, Equity Trader, Tortoise Capital Advisors.
The addition of SunGard's Valdi algorithms and dark pool aggregator to the FIX (Algorithmic) Trading Certification program is the most recent development in the more than 10 year relationship between SunGard and Advent.

Mark Volker, senior vice president in SunGard's trading business, said, "The integration of SunGard's Valdi Liquidity Solutions, Valdi dark pool aggregator and algorithmic trading strategies into the Moxy OMS provides traders with advanced tools to find liquidity and seek best execution. This integration results from our ongoingng commitment to work with Advent to innovate and respond to the needs of traders."

"Traders rely on Moxy as the hub for their desks. By bringing their critical trading partners to them, through Moxy, traders can focus on a single execution platform when executing their trades in the market, instead of managing multiple applications," said Tim Decker, Product Manager, Electronic Trading and Connectivity, Advent Software. "SunGard and Advent have enjoyed a long standing relationship, bringing innovation and industry leading tools to trading desks. The addition of SunGard's Valdi strategies helps strengthen traders' ability to manage their trades with efficiency and control."

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