NET Federal Credit Union chooses Bluepoint ImagePoint

Source: Bluepoint Solutions

NET Federal Credit Union, headquartered in Scranton, Penn., today announced its selection of Bluepoint Solutions' ImagePoint Teller Capture and Receipt Manager solutions.

Bluepoint Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and leading innovator in remote deposit capture (RDC), image-based item processing and enterprise content management software technology for financial institutions.

"Our tagline is 'Banks have customers; here you're family. Welcome home!' We are truly here for the members' benefit, and ImagePoint Teller with Receipt Manager will help us to serve them even better," said John Errico, vice president of finance at NET. "We looked at other remote deposit capture solutions in the past, but they lacked the research capabilities that really make ImagePoint Teller Capture and Receipt Manager stand out. Our current research and balance process is highly manual and paper-based, which results in increased overtime and unmanageable workloads. Following the implementation of the modern teller capture platform, the workloads will be streamlined, the overtime eliminated - resulting in significant cost and time savings for the credit union."

NET Federal Credit Union operates two branches, has more than 21,000 members and $157 million in assets. In addition to the efficiencies gained on the teller line, the credit union anticipates faster and more accurate balancing, as well as a reduction in fraud by catching questionable items before they ever enter the institution.

Errico continued, "The recent changes to Reg CC, the Expedited Funds Availability Act, means all checks are now local. With our current process, the time it takes to clear a check gives sophisticated fraudsters ample opportunity visit several other branches and make the same fraudulent deposit. Having Bluepoint's teller capture will enable us to capture documents at the point-of-presentment and immediately verify them, making fraud more difficult - protecting the credit union and our members."

ImagePoint Teller Capture enables the capture of items at the teller line, increasing efficiency and accuracy by reducing time spent on manual data entry and preventing human error. It verifies, processes and balances checks in real time, making information available more quickly than traditional options. Receipt Manager integrates with the existing teller transaction flow, storing the receipt data with the check image electronically and making them searchable and available to authorized users throughout the entire credit union.

"More and more credit unions, like NET, are realizing the significant advantages to be gained by implementing teller capture solutions," said CEO and founder, Hal Tilbury. "We understand the challenges facing credit union executives and as a result, our ImagePoint teller capture platform is uniquely designed to lower costs and streamline workflow, all while improving member-service. As a member-centered organization, NET will benefit from the increased efficiency that ImagePoint Teller Capture and Receipt Manager provide, because it means that their time will be spent with members rather than paperwork. We look forward to working with them in the coming years."


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