Valley National Bank taps Bling Nation for m-payments

Source: Valley National Bank

Valley National Bank is now offering mobile payments to its customers and community with partner Bling Nation, a provider of mobile payments services that connect financial institutions, businesses and consumers through tap-and-pay for purchases at the point of sale.

"At Valley National Bank, we are dedicated to serving and supporting our local economy," said Denise Carder, marketing director for Valley National Bank. "In our efforts to keep dollars local, we have partnered with Bling Nation to share the benefits of mobile payments - more convenience, security and rewards - with our personal and business customers."

Customers with a checking account at Valley National Bank can easily sign up for a BlingTagTM, a quarter-sized microchip sticker that adheres to the back of their mobile phone to enable debit transactions directly from their account. Each time a purchase is made using a BlingTag, the consumer receives a transaction confirmation and account balance by text message. Since the BlingTag does not store any personal information, it offers more security than traditional plastic cards and reduces the risk of identity theft and fraud.

In addition to the convenience and safety of mobile payments, day-to-day purchases can be more rewarding with a BlingTag. Valley National Bank customers receive instant five percent cash back with every Bling transaction up to $100. For consumer Ed Bennett, cash back means shopping for groceries and filling up his car costs him less.

"Not only is my BlingTag more convenient than digging in my wallet for cash or a card," said Bennett, a customer of Valley National Bank, "but each purchase creates instant savings. I look for businesses with Bling signs in the door and tap-and-pay as often as I can."

"Local businesses are also embracing the convenience and security of mobile payments as well as a drastic dip in fees as a result of bypassing global payments networks with Bling Nation," said Rod Stambaugh, general manager, West region for Bling Nation. "It is in business' best interest - both financially and from a customer service standpoint - to accept mobile payments at the point of sale. Like Ed, many consumers specifically seek out Bling businesses to spend their money."

"Bling Nation not only helps us better serve our customers and community, but it also truly simplifies the multi-step payments process, a process," Carder admits, "that is not as efficient, convenient, secure, or rewarding as mobile payments."

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