Bloomberg Professional gets Russian expansion

Source: Bloomberg

Bloomberg L.P. today announced the expansion of its Bloomberg Professional service in Russian and the official launch of its real-time Russian language news service, providing original reporting and breaking news stories in the local language.

Bloomberg's Russian service now offers subscribers more than 700 functions in real-time, including:

* A complete Russian language information system with extensive local Russian data;
* The ability to monitor and analyze all Ruble bond market activity;
* A monitor to track and analyze all Russian over-the-counter instruments; and
* A news feed for corporate action, company filings and financial reports for Russian companies.

Bloomberg customers will have the ability to look at the published accounts of Russian companies according to local, and international, accounting standards. They will also be able to monitor the most actively traded bonds, adjust and plot yield curves and compare exchange-traded volumes for individual bonds.

"We continue to invest in expanding our product offerings in important emerging markets such as Russia," said Peter Grauer, Chairman of Bloomberg. "With today's announcement, Russian-language users of the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL service will have the most extensive array of real-time news, financial data and analytical information available on a single platform."

Bloomberg L.P. recently announced that sales of the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL service have exceeded an all-time high of more than 287,500 subscribers worldwide.

BLOOMBERG NEWS® announced the launch of its real-time Russian language news service, which includes an expanded team of journalists who report original, breaking stories in Russian.

"As Bloomberg is the information system of choice for people with the most at stake, we are committed to providing timely reporting in the native languages of vital emerging markets, especially in Russia, the world's largest energy exporter,'' said Matthew Winkler, Editor-in-Chief of BLOOMBERG NEWS.

Russia is one of several countries in which BLOOMBERG NEWS offers local language headlines and stories in real-time, including Brazil, China, Germany, Japan and Spanish-speaking regions, demonstrating the service's continued global expansion.

In April, Bloomberg announced a partnership with Interfax to provide BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL users with access to three real-time Interfax newswires covering Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

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