Sophis upgrades Value investment management system

Source: Sophis

Sophis, a leading provider of cross-asset, front-to-back portfolio and risk management solutions, today announced the launch of Sophis Value 4.1, its investment management solution.

The culmination of more than 10 years' development, VALUE 4.1 provides a single integrated investment platform for asset managers with complete cross-asset coverage ranging from equities, fixed income, forex, commodities and energy to all types of derivatives, OTC contracts and structured products.

Designed to make navigating the challenges posed by cross-asset portfolio management significantly easier, this latest release incorporates key developments in investment decision support, order origination and compliance management as well as powerful new reporting capabilities.

Denise Valentine, Senior Analyst, Aite Group, said, "Spending priorities remain at a conservative level for asset managers and hedge fund firms. However, they are keen to gain momentum in time for the recovery, and so investment management systems that improve people and internal processes will remain central to budget decisions."

Decision support and order origination
VALUE 4.1 enables portfolio managers to build, analyze and rebalance investment strategies easily in a powerful and flexible user interface:
- Investment ideas are a keystroke away with fast order builder;
- Buy intention order management;
- Customizable order workflow;
- Ex-ante tracking error management;
- Slice/dice data to create custom views of portfolios;
- Drill down into performance and risk indicators;
- Enhanced look-through capabilities for funds of funds.

Compliance management
The new Compliance module in VALUE 4.1 provides a single framework for regulatory compliance incorporating internal, risk management and client specific rules. It provides the ability to perform pre-trade compliance checks at any step of the investment process and to schedule post trade compliance sessions. Its flexible administration system has an intuitive rules builder, enabling users to implement a compliance program quickly and easily. Alert workfflows are matched to the compliance program to warn about breaches and enable efficient exception handling.

iReporting is a fully integrated client reporting application, designed to meet high volume, industrialized reporting processes, as well as ad hoc report requirements. It provides a powerful and flexible data visualization tool along with a large set of pre-canned reports. Functionality includes analytics consolidation, results storage and drill down capabilities.

Samer Ballouk, Head of Product Management and Business Development, Sophis, said: "In an increasingly complex market environment, asset managers need much more from their investment management systems in terms of flexibility, security and reporting. VALUE 4.1 represents a major advantage for investment firms looking to consolidate their portfolio management systems and reduce total cost of ownership.

"It provides superior access to data, decision support, modeling and analytics to enable investment managers to make timelier, better informed investment decisions. No other integrated investment system accounts for a wider or more diverse range of cross-assets, whether equity products, fixed income securities, derivatives or the latest in structured products."

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