Yodlee granted patent

Source: Yodlee

Yodlee, the leading provider of online personal financial management (PFM) and revenue-generating payments solutions and services for more than 25 million users worldwide, today announced it has been awarded its 35th patent.

This is a significant milestone for Yodlee, who for more than 10 years has been delivering the online financial management solutions on which financial institutions and portals - and their customers - depend.

Yodlee works with more than 30 of the top 50 US financial institutions to deliver tools that empower consumers to track - and manage - their holistic financial affairs, from budgeting to account balancing, funds transfer, and bill payment.

"From our earliest patents covering data aggregation and auto-login to our broad range of patents covering PFM, electronic payments and mobile banking, we have made it a top priority within our organization to invest in and protect our innovations and inventions," said Peter Hazlehurst, Yodlee's Chief Product Officer.

As the pioneer and leading provider of the technologies and solutions powering over 85% of all online PFM users today, Yodlee has a broad portfolio of granted patents and dozens more in application, including patents and pending applications covering:

* Personal Financial Management
* Electronic bill pay and funds transfer
* Mobile banking
* Data aggregation, gathering and analysis
* Transaction categorization
* Auto-login
* Electronic tax filing
* Online chat
* Online authentication
* Alerting
* Smart online ad selection and serving

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